Client Testimonials
We pride ourselves in working collaboratively with our clients to achieve a shared artistic vision while fulfilling specific needs for any project. We make sure to approach every project with empathy and strive to ensure that everybody that we work with has a positive experience interpersonally and professionally. Below are the Google reviews we've received from satisfied clients:
Chelsea Didinger

Working with Wasteland of Wonder was one of the most positive experiences I have had in my career. Their true passion for what they do shone throughout every moment of our time together. This will be a long review because I have SO many good things to say about them. I’d encourage you to read it, but at least make sure to read the bullet point summary at the bottom.

I spoke with multiple companies to choose the film team we would work with, and I could not be happier with my choice! From the very beginning, Wasteland of Wonder stood out. When I first spoke with their director, Tyler, on the phone, they asked questions about the project. They didn’t immediately step in and tell us how it would be done, but rather asked probing questions to better understand our team’s goals, what we were doing, and showed genuine interest.

Wasteland of Wonder was incredibly generous with their time. Much of this project was shot outdoors, on farm locations. That meant rain, wind, changing light, and various other factors that can complicate things. After spending a whole Friday evening with me in a bean field (our project was about Colorado beans from farm to table), they didn’t complain at all when the weather wouldn’t cooperate. Instead, we had a fantastic time getting to know one another, they listened to me ramble on happily about beans and asked me questions because they were truly listening, we made a makeshift rain shelter, and Elijah played us live music. In the end, the weather still wasn’t working in our favor, so they told me they would come back to the location. They did not ask for anything extra in return because their goal was to create the best film – one that told the project’s true story – and they were determined to capture the beauty of the farm.

They paid attention to the little things, even finding out during our conversations that I like tea and then bringing delicious, special tea to the next filming day. When a kid they were interviewing started to get nervous, they stopped and played him songs and chatted and gave him a pep talk until he felt comfortable again and then proceeded to rock his interview. Karen has a way of putting people at ease during interviews, and Tyler and Karen work together beautifully to make sure the passion of the interviewees for what they do shows.

Trae is a brilliant photographer and videographer, and his editing skills amazed me. He and Ian worked hard to ensure we had great B roll and interview clips, and Elijah nailed the sound quality. This project was three VERY full days of filming, and yet they somehow managed to make a 4-minute video that relayed the project perfectly. I can’t even imagine how many hours of editing went into that! And they even made the soundtrack! Elijah is a fantastic banjo player, so they took the initiative to produce an original bluegrass/Colorado style song to match our Colorado project. They were in constant communication to keep me updated about progress, allowed us the chance to provide input on a rough cut to make sure they were telling the story we wanted (even the rough cut of the video was amazing!), and they even finished the final video ahead of schedule.

Okay, SparkNotes version of why I loved working with Wasteland of Wonder in case you just scrolled to the bullet points:
• The passion they have for what they do is refreshing and beautiful, and being around their fun, positive energy was a blast!
• They are so genuine, people-oriented, and cared about our project like we cared about it – and that’s not easy to find.
• They put people at ease for interviews and never make folks feel rushed.
• From meeting before filming to understand our project, to developing great interview questions, to on the set filming, to even recording an original soundtrack, their attention to detail and dedication cannot be beat.
• The final film absolutely blew my entire team away.

If you are looking for a fantastic film team – you’ve found them!
Hunter Horsfall

Tyler is extremely creative and exceptionally at their craft. We hired Tyler and the Wasteland of Wonder crew to shoot a series of shorts for the Alley Cat Coffee House in Fort Collins Colorado. The shorts were extremely well thought out, capturing the spirit of the space better than I could have possibly imagined. We still use these clips for our socials and our website today- they truly feel timeless. I am really glad I made the choice to work with someone local and down to earth rather than some sort of big company. They really captured the spirit of what makes the Alley Cat special!