Why Video?
In a saturated marketplace, it’s essential to showcase your company to your customer base, without boring them or losing them along the way. Video is the easiest way to convey two key points to your audience:
who you are and what you do. If you showcase those ideas in a way that's sincere and enjoyable, people will get excited. We believe in this ideology so much that we made our own video below!
What styles of video do we make?
Video is never one-size-fits-all; we understand that the video above might not be perfect for your business. We specialize in a wide variety of video styles, ranging from more traditional ads to social media branded content. Whatever your needs may be, we can meet you where you're at!
Corporate Documentary-Style
Every company should have a short video on their website that showcases their workplace culture and how they serve their clients. Within 2-5 minutes, your audience sees the key players to your business explaining why they love what they do—and why your service is necessary. 
Best for: Business-to-Business, Account-Based Marketing

Traditional Advertisement
A recurring 15-30 second advertisement is the perfect way to hook your brand into the forefront of your customer’s attention. Short ads with a memorable punch are the perfect vehicle to showcase your brand voice to a wide variety of consumers or a specific targeted market. 
Best for: Business-to-Customer Marketing, Content-Based Marketing

Social Media Content
You have a great portfolio of products, services, and expertise that you can’t wait to share with the world, but how is the world supposed to find it? Social media is the new rolodex, and every post is an exciting new opportunity. 
Best for: Business-to-Customer, Content-Based Marketing 
Event Advertising
It’s a digital era where most people’s network extends beyond their neck of the woods, which means not everyone can make it to the party. Having a video that showcases your event helps establish your brand in a more permanent way and ensures they’ll attend the next one.
Best for: Account-Based Marketing

Music Video
If you’re planning out a new release or trying to generate excitement for an upcoming concert or tour, nothing gets the kids more hyped than a music video. A professional music video is a clear declaration of your band’s voice and artistic prowess that is proven to help grow your listener base.
Best for: Content-Based Marketing

Why Wasteland of Wonder?
We occupy a special niche in the film industry—we’re a young startup company that doesn't charge full industry rates with the goal of providing the best value that Colorado has to offer. In a world full of monotonous talking heads, lower thirds, and product testimonials, it’s important your videos stand out. Wasteland of Wonder is founded on the belief that there is something to love about every brand’s voice that we can share with the world.
Our Process
We cover all stages of film production in-house—from the conception of the video to distributing it online. This helps reduce prices by eliminating the need to outsource work to other companies.